Forthcoming fall 2024, Rescue Press will publish Daisy Atterbury's The Kármán Line (poetry/prose) and Jacqueline Feldman's Precarious Lease (essay).

Feminisms: Makhzin

Makhzin’s second issue, Feminisms, emerges from 98weeks and its current research on feminism’s historical legacies and its contemporary valence in non-Western contexts. A bilingual magazine, Makhzin features writing in English and Arabic, and provides a platform for authors across the Middle East, North Africa and beyond.

The plural form, “feminism(s),” captures an inclusion that we know can never be fully accomplished. Feminisms is both one and many. It is an intolerant plural. It does not accept the erasure of difference in the service of the one. At best, it is a commitment to representing different voices and languages. The texts collected in this issue respond to Feminisms, enacting the multiple histories, struggles, and voices that constitute “feminism” as both concept and practice.

Edited by Daisy Atterbury, Tarek El-Ariss, Mirene Arsanios

with Artist Johanna Tiedtke

Notes: On Administration is the second book in the series Notes, edited by Kylie Gilchrist and Megan Stockton. This issue features personal notes, lists and documents from 14 contributors including: Mónica de la Torre, Karl Larsson, Stacy Szymaszek, Daisy Atterbury & Johanna Tiedtke, Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt & MayDay Rooms, Emily Abendroth, Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Anne Boyer, Ian Dolton-Thornton, Casco Office for Art, Design & Theory & Annette Krauss, Gerald Raunig, and Dorothy Howard. Notes: On Administration comes with a Risograph printed cover. The first in the book in the Notes series is Notes: On Value, published in 2014.